“Sex offender”-style database outs names, addresses of Trump Campaign donors across the US

A website out of California has taken political pettiness to new heights by revealing the names and addresses of individuals who have provided financial support to President Donald Trump’s campaign- and it may be placing some people in danger.

The database is an extensive one, merging donor records and publicly-obtained information to create a rather disturbing “hit list” for those wishing to carry out political violence in an age where merely mentioning President Trump’s name has been known to incite bizarre reactions from certain people.

Screenshot of DonaldTrump.watch

No mere list, the database even has a Google Maps overlay, where one can put in a street name and find out which neighbors have donated to the Trump campaign from 2015 to 2020.

However, the website, donaldtrump.watch, doesn’t require an address- one can simply hit the “search” button over an area to turn up results.

Several individuals assisting with this article were shocked to have their family members pop up when.

The website, which has been active since 2019 and is registered to an entity in California, claims it seeks to expose “Americans that donated to a vulgar, lying, draft dodger and tax cheat.”

Ironically, the website utilizes a quote from Voltaire: Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”

The site alleges that the database’s information was pulled from the Federal Election Commission’s website.

As President Donald Trump makes a stop in The Villages, Florida, on Friday, the community’s elderly residents are now learning that those who financially supported his campaign may now have a target on their backs, should anyone wish to discriminate or carry out illegal acts against them.

One resident of The Villages -who wished to remain anonymous for safety reasons- noted that the map is rather unnerving, recognizing many people who lived on her street.

The resident also noted that some of the names were of people who had recently passed away or moved since making donations.

Interestingly enough, a visit to joebiden.watch, named for President Trump’s Democratic competitor in the race to the White House, re-directs to the website of the National Man/Boy Love Association.

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