Shia LaBeouf’s “He Will Not Divide Us” flag is destroyed, nobody seems to care

Shia LaBeouf’s infamous “He Will Not Divide Us” flag has been destroyed, according to live-streaming footage- and nobody seems to care one bit.

In what nearly drove the child actor-turned adult actor, artist and activist over the edge on several occasions, the HWNDU project initially began as live feed of Shia and his supporters chanting “He will not divide us” in front of a camera.

That was, of course, until 4chan came.

Initially doing just about any offensive thing they could think of in front of the cameras, the antics of /pol/ members eventually got LaBeouf to act irrationally, attacking several individuals and even sexually assaulting a person by kissing and licking him.

Eventually, LaBeouf was arrested, and the NYC-based museum who agreed to host the event pulled out.

When the initial project was closed at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York City, the project went to New Mexico, where it remained for a short time until the camera was tampered with (and someone pulled out a gun).

Eventually, the HWNDU team turned to the idea of flying a flag in a seemingly unidentifiable location, where it would be protected from vandals and those pesky internet message board users.

Proving that they were more than mere internet trolls, the 4chan users utilized a sophisticated location method to try and find the flag by crawling social media, analyzing the stars in the sky and even tracking aircraft flight patterns visible during the day.

Eventually, the flag was located in rural Tennessee, where it was seized and replaced with several items, including a “Make America Great Again” hat.

Impressively enough, the entire process -from initial post to capture- took a mere thirty-eight hours and fourteen minutes.

Seemingly unable to protest in the United States, Shia’s team moved the project to Liverpool, where the hosting museum quickly pulled the project after several intrusions took place on the roof of the structure (where the flag was flying), and a flood of internship and job applications from all over the world began inundating their servers.

At one point, the roof of the Liverpool location was breached, but due to the UK’s strict knife and sharp object laws, the 4chan-deployed intruders were unable to cut down the flag.

Despite being unable to remove the flag, the flag was forced to vanish, and 4chan considered the operation a success- and one that only cost them 25 hours of their time and energy.

Eventually, LaBeouf went to hide in a cabin at an undisclosed location in Finland, live-streaming the experience into the Kiasma museum in Helsinki, where museum-goers could communicate with the trio.

It went about as one would expect at this point: not only did 4chan harass LaBeouf from Helsinki (to include wearing MAGA hats and dancing to “Shadilay” by the Italian band P.E.P.E.), they tracked down his remote location in less than a day, utilizing a cabin rental search, the kind of chairs in the cabin, the time of sunrise and weather patterns- all factors that led to location being found.

Leaving the cabin after his location was compromised, LaBeouf then handed the project to Luke Turner, who set the flag up in France, at the Le Lieu Unique culture center.

Not long after coming to France, the flag was nearly destroyed by a flaming drone dispatched by 4chan France operatives, who ultimately failed to destroy the flag before the drone crashed.

All the aforementioned incidents took place during the year 2017, and the flag was moved to Poland by summer of 2018.

Ironically, Poland has become a major ally of the United States during the era of the Trump Administration, and has considered setting up permanent US bases there.

Eventually, the flag returned to Le Lieu Unique, where it currently languishes on a pole atop the center, no longer readable or even recognizable as a flag.

What 4chan set it motion, it seems Mother Nature eventually finished. Tattered remains flutter aimlessly in the wind, neglected and forgotten.

In the end, what was once the HWNDU flag has been divided- from its native country, from the ravages of nature and from the public interest.

The internet is a magical place.