Small business owner in Michigan crashes local news report, calls for Americans to stand up

A small business owner in Michigan urged people to “wake up,” raising awareness to what he felt to be misuse of funds during a pandemic lockdown that hurt his business.

The Portage resident flagged down ABC 3 news crews while they were conducting a story about how his restaraunt -identified as D&R’s Daily Grind Cafe- was defying the indoor dining ban, complaining that COVID-19 funding had gone to special-interest groups.

“Four trillion dollars of stimulus money, and they gave it to who?” he said. “Special interest groups and campaign donors.”

“I have to fight back,” he said, referring to keeping his business operational.

“So you feel this is the right thing to do?” the reporter asked.

“Absolutely,” he said. “I feel everybody needs to stand up.”

The owner stated that while there was more than enough funding to give every American family $20,000, they instead funded things like the Kennedy Space Center and campaign donors.

“If they’d have given me money, I would have gladly walked away for sixty days and let this virus settle down,” he stated.
But I’m not gonna do it alone.”

When asked about violating the state order, he responded with a raised finger.

“This isn’t an order,” he said. “This is a conspiracy, this is tyranny.”

Raising his arms, he urged others to exercise civil disobedience.

“Wake up,” he said. “Stand up. This is America, be free.”

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