Social media ‘influencer’ gets roasted online for apparently staging a motorcycle accident

A Nashville-based lifestyle influencer was skewered on social media after she posted photos of a “motorcycle crash” that might not have been so accidental.

Tiffany “@Tifforelie” Mitchell was reportedly in a traffic accident in July, when her motorcycle allegedly went off road. 

Image from video, above. Credit: Instagram.

In the aftermath of the incident, the blonde was photographed in a rather professional way as she assumed the recovery position on the ground, located suspiciously close to brand name items.

Needless to say, people on the internet aren’t stupid, and quickly began asking questions over the incident, ranging from why there was product placement and why different shots feature different helmets.

“Hey guys, I wanted to share today about something regarding the post I made a few weeks ago regarding my motorcycle accident,” she wrote. “A lot of the comments on that post were wonderful and supportive and encouraging and beautiful. But I did start getting a few more negative comments questioning, ‘Why would you take photos during an accident? Why were you doing this sponsorship with Smartwater? Why are you glamorizing an accident? Why weren’t you wearing a helmet?’”

Mitchell dismissed many of the interrogatives as “hate,” which is exactly something someoen with a job title of “Instagram influencer” would say.

According to the Daily Mail, the internet did not disappoint with the counter-barrage of displeasure.

“What a joke your little photo shoot was,” one person responded. “To act like you had a crash with staged s**t like smart water bottles, no road rash, your helmet perfectly sitting there without damage. You’re a joke and total loser.”

“Thank God that incredibly hot guy happened to be nearby to help,” another wrote sarcastically.

One person, however, hit the overall issue right on the nose: “Influencers are the worse thing to come out of online culture.”

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