SoulCycle instructor rushes to get vaccine, criticized for claiming she’s an ‘educator’

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A “SoulCycle” instructor used a loophole to get a COVID-19 vaccination in New York City, claiming she’s an educator.

Stacey Griffith, a 52-year-olf fitness coach who has worked with Madonna, Kelly Ripa and Brooke Shields, reportedly took time out of her day to virtue-signal that she was getting the Moderna vaccine on Friday.

“VACCINE DAY! Step one of the Moderna magic!! One hour drive to STATEN ISLAND worth every minute!” wrote Griffith in a now-deleted Friday Instagram post while at Port Richmond High School on Staten Island. “It takes a village.”

However, her post ended up drawing a lot of criticism, particularly from those wondering why she was deemed “essential” enough to get the rationed vaccine.

“My wife is a stage 4 cancer patient who has to deal with the fear and risk of going into a hospital cancer center weekly, while immunosuppressed, during COVID, in order to receive the treatment that is keeping her alive,” Gabrielle Novacek, of Chicago, wrote. “She is at least 2-3 months out from being eligible for a vaccine. As the caretaker she depends on to provide her with support, I’m at least 4-5 months out. But yes, let’s celebrate that we are making the world safe for in-person spin class in the midst of a global pandemic.”

Griffith later told the left-leaning publication Daily Beast that her job effectively made her an “educator,” qualifying her for the vaccine.

“In my profession of health and wellness as a teacher, it’s my priority daily to keep my community and their respiratory systems operating at full capacity so they can beat this virus if they are infected by it,” she said. “I can only teach to them if I am healthy myself.”

Griffith insists that she did not seek out special treatment, and merely completed a questionnaire to determine eligibility.

“All teachers are eligible to apply for the vaccine,” she told The Daily Beast via text. “My post today was to show my confidence in the system, in our government, and I hope everyone can at least feel more at ease knowing I went through the process!”

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, however, disagreed.

“Doesn’t sound like someone who should’ve gotten vaccinated to me,” said de Blasio. “I don’t think someone who shows up and says, ‘Hey, I’m a SoulCycle instructor’ should have qualified unless there’s some other factor there. “That should have been caught in the application process.”


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