South Africa erupts in chaos after former president is jailed

Violence, looting and rioting has erupted in South Africa, resulting in citizenry, security forces and other factions opening fire on those threatening life and property.

The riots, which are in response to the the imprisonment of former President Jacob Zuma, have escalated into widespread violence and looting.

Six people have been reported dead so far, with over 219 arrests.

Already spread thin across a country known for contrasting cultural values and violence, the South African police forces are currently struggling to keep things under control.

The South African National Defense Force has been given deployment orders and will be used to stop the violence.

Citizens and security guards have taken up arms in response to rioters blocking roads and attacking vehicles, often using burning tires and vehicle husks to bottleneck traffic towards them.

Video has popped up all over Twitter, showing individuals opening fire upon the angry mobs, who have been looting consistently throughout the unrest.

In another video, men reported to be Indian Muslims were seen repelling rioters, shouting “God is Great.”

Some members of the South African Police have thrown shade upon anti-gun groups in South Africa, asking them to come deal with the rioters.

“URGENTLY Calling ALL Gun free SA board members and supporters,” wrote Trish Armstrong, director at Tshwane Metro Police in Gauteng, in a Facebook post. “[Please] report urgently to your closest shopping mall. We need your gun-free solution urgently to get the looters to stop their criminal behaviour and stop the anarchy. Maybe you can ask them nicely…we wait.”

According to ABC News, police have warned that anyone using social media to encourage the rioting may be arrested and prosecuted.


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