Student asks for help removing his Ex from photo, internet responds with all its glory

An Englishman faced with the quandary of keeping a favorite vacation photo that featured his ex-girlfriend went to the Internet for assistance-  and the internet did not disappoint.

Callum Tait was always fond of his trip to the Grand Canyon in the United States, and his favorite photo from the journey has always been a prized possession.

However, that photo’s sentimental value depreciated when the girl seated beside him in the photo broke up with him.

“Anyone any good with photoshop?” he asked Twitter-using netizens, hoping for help in preserving the memory, “Got this picture of me at the Grand Canyon but it’s with me ex and I just want me in it.”

The tweet was soon picked up by countless individuals, who did everything from conventionally honor his request to place him in scenes from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and the Batman universe.

In one photo, Marvel villain Thanos made the young man’s ex disappear with a single snap, effectively making him a good guy- even if only to Tait.

According to the Daily Mail, the tweet has been picked up around the world and has over 5,179 retweets and 21,650 likes.

One of the more creative tweets was animated and featured a robot blasting his ex into oblivion.

Keeping up with current politics in the UK, a rather cheeky user inserted newly-elected British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, complete with Union Jack and zipline.

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