Stuntwoman and part-time deckhand admits to romp with luxury yacht captain, leading to crash

Sex on the high seas- that’s the tale told by a female deckhand aboard a luxury yacht that admitted to charges related to her crashing of a vessel, causing $140,000 in damages.

26-year-old Cheya Handley was under the influence of alcohol when she and the skipper of the Crystal Blue were having a romp below deck, allowing the unmanned vessel to crash into a channel marker and a moored yacht off the Gold Coast.

The Aussie-flagged Crystal Blue racked up hundreds of thousands in damages, and Handley ultimately  pleaded guilty to one count of risking the safety of a person or vessel.

According to the Daily Mail, Crystal Blue skipper Jeremy Piggott had reportedly adjusted the angles of CCTV cameras, as to avoid there being any footage of the two having a go aboard the ship. He was also reportedly trying to use some kind of remote steering device.

“Yeah, I did the wrong thing, drinking on the job. I should have known better, I screwed up big time,” Handley admitted. “We were chatting, laying down, looking at the stars and then got it on.”

The Crystal Blue can be chartered for around $1,690 an hour.

Handley was placed on a $1,000 good behavior bond, and while no conviction will be recorded, the stuntwoman and yacht crewmember may have trouble avoiding the bad press.

Piggott pleaded guilty to two counts of recklessly contravening his duty to ensure the safety of vessels. He was placed on two-year good behavior bond and fined $4,000.

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