SUNY professor ‘under review’ after tapes of him condoning pedophilia go viral

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A State University of New York professor is currently under review due to a series of statements where he defended pedophilia.

Fredonia campus philosophy professor Stephen Kershnar came under fire after the videos surfaced and came into the public eye.

“Imagine that an adult male wants to have sex with a 12-year-old girl. Imagine that she’s a willing participant. A very standard, very widely held view is there’s something deeply wrong about this. And it’s wrong independent of it being criminalized,” Kershnar said in one of the videos.

“It’s not obvious to me that is in fact wrong. I think this is a mistake. And I think that exploring why it’s a mistake will tell us not only things about adult-child sex and statutory rape, but also about fundamental principles of morality,” he added.

The videos made it to Libs of TikTok, which regularly finds material featuring degenerate behavior and examples of how institutions have been infiltrated by those who endorse such behavior.

According to Fox News, SUNY Fredonia President Stephen H. Kolison distanced the university from Kershnar, and stated that an investigation was underway.

“SUNY Fredonia is aware of a video posted online involving one of its professors,” the statement read. “The views expressed by the professor are reprehensible and do not represent the values of SUNY Fredonia in any way, shape or form. They are solely the professor’s views. The matter is being reviewed.”

Kershnar specializes in political philosophy, and is tasked with shaping young minds and works with students both above and below the age of 18.

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