Suspect who set woman on fire at Florida Taco Bell identifies as a woman

Jami Ganz

New York Daily News

The homeless person suspected of setting a woman on fire at a Florida Taco Bell has been charged with attempted murder and is suspected of setting multiple fires within hours of the attack.

Mia Williams, who identifies as female, was booked and arrested Thursday on charges of attempted murder, resisting an officer with violence, and aggravated assault on an officer, Tallahassee Police Department Officer Damon Miller confirmed to the Daily News Friday.

On Wednesday, Williams “doused” the victim “with a flammable liquid” before setting the victim on fire,” alleges a probable cause affidavit police shared with The News Friday.

“The victim is still being treated at a hospital and remains in serious condition,” read the police department’s emailed statement to The News Friday.

Authorities are unable to release identifying information about the victim, but her gender was previously reported by NBC News, citing Officer Rachelle Denmark.

Around 5 a.m. Thursday, Tallahassee police began receiving reports of fires at multiple locations within a mile radius.

Three vehicles were found ablaze on two streets, and a church was also “fully engulfed.”

Not long after, two additional fires were reported a little over a mile from the church.

“The fires were not within quick walking distance,” the arresting officer wrote, but a suspect on a bicycle could have easily been at each location.”

Authorities found Williams riding a bicycle around 6:40 a.m., before the suspect tried to pedal away from the officer, even after being ordered to stop.

Dubbing Williams “a serious risk to public safety,” the officer eventually pinned the front bicycle tire to a metal fence. An uninjured Williams “immediately jumped from [the] bicycle to the roof of my patrol car,” the officer wrote, noting Williams then “perched on my roof and withdrew a pair of orange handled scissors,” which the suspect then brandished “like a knife and raised them up, as if to potentially stab me.”

Eventually, another officer helped to cuff Williams, then on the ground as the suspect “continued to fight against us.”


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