Tampax is under fire for sexualizing their products being inside women


Tampon company Tampax has been accused of objectifying and sexualizing women, after they made a tweet about being “inside” female bodies.

Piggybacking off corporate panic regarding Elon Musk taking over Twitter, Tampax US did not hold back on November 21st, when they shared a spicy tweet.

“You are in their DMs,” they wrote, “We’re in them. We are not the same.”

To break that down for the more innocent among us, Tampax was basically claiming superiority over men because their product was already inside the women men were pursuing.

In typical modern PR jargon, Tampax claimed they are “committed to making period conversation as normal as periods, so we all can feel educated, empowered and limitless every day of the month.”

According to Fox Business, not everyone was pleased, and #BoycottTampax quickly started trending.

“Real weird for a company that sells products made for woman’s natural bodily functions to make a tweet sexualizing woman for using their products,” one netizen wrote.

“I hope that Procter Gamble reassess their ownership of the Tampax brand, and I hope anyone who used it now boycotts it,” wrote another.

Keep in mind, this is the same company that, in 2020, claimed it was a “fact” that people who aren’t biological women can have menstrual cycles.

Fact: Not all women have periods. Also a fact: Not all people with periods are women. Let’s celebrate the diversity of all people who bleed! @gobeeharris #mythbusting #periodtruths #transisbeautiful,” the company wrote.

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