Teacher still employed after lifting up disabled child and throwing her on the ground

St. Rita School for the Deaf – Facebook

A teacher in Ohio is somehow still employed or in police custody after she threw a deaf child to the floor at the school she teaches at.

Cathay Girard, who goes by “Miss Katie” in her classroom, was seen on security footage throwing a child onto the floor last Tuesday.

Girard is an employee of St. Rita School for the Deaf, a Catholic school that caters to the hearing impaired.

According to the Daily Mail, the teacher tossed the child into the hallway, all within blain sight of a bewildered man.

As she walked away, she could be seen “dusting her hands”, an ASL sign emphasizing she was “done” with the child.

The child is in the third grade, and her mother -identified as Alexys Wells- says the school did not notify her of the event until the following day, and played the matter off as a small one.

“I mean, I was outraged,” she said. “I couldn’t even speak at first because I didn’t want to say the wrong thing.”

The school also failed to explain why Girard did what she did, instead focusing blame on the child’s learning disabilities.

“The school didn’t really tell me,” Wells said. “[The school president] said she was having issues with transitioning. Because of her brain disorder, she does have issues with transitioning between subject to subject or task to task.”

Girard has yet to be fired, and police are only recently looking into the matter after the video became viral on social media.


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