Teacher suspended after separating students based on politics, ridiculing those who did not support LGBTQ issues

A North Carolina teacher is under investigation after she reportedly segregated her classroom by religion.

Julia Lopp, a South Johnston High School Spanish teacher who works for Johnston County, allegedly divided the classroom based on religious beliefs, as well as policy stances on topics ranging from abortion to LGBT rights.

According to JoCo Report, she ridiculed the religious amongst her class, and told them that if anyone found out, she would deny them a college or job recommendation.

“This is an unfortunate incident and one I wish had not happened,” Superintendent Dr. Jim Causby said in a statement. “It is never appropriate for a teacher to segregate students based on religious,  political or personal beliefs. In fact, it is not appropriate for a teacher to even ask a student what their beliefs are. Our school system takes very seriously the rights of students in these areas and students should never be instructed to not share classroom activities with their parents.”

The incident is currently under investigation, and Causby will ultimately make a determination regarding Lopp’s fate.

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