Teacher union’s claim mother died of COVID from schools was a lie, she died from alcoholism

Source: GoFunMe

A Chicago mother -whose death was used as a prop to justify the Chicago Teachers Union’s push to keep schools closed due to COVID- is reported to have died of alcoholism rather than Coronavirus.

Shenitha Curry, who died in September, was a mother of a child who went to Jensen Elementary.

Claiming she died of COVID spread by students, CTU effectively used Curry to justify staying closed.

In the end, the schools were closed for an additional five days due to teachers mass-refusing to do their jobs, and Mayor Lori Lightfoot ultimately shut schools down.

300,000 students were forced to go remote, causing inconvenience and additional hardship for many families in a city known for corruption and economic failure on a community level.

According to the Chicago City Wire, Henry became the symbol of the CTU’s case against re-opening, but it was revealed on Monday that she died of alcoholism.

It is believed that the alcohol-related illness aggravated underlying medical conditions, including diabetes, hypertension, and pneumonia.

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