Ted Kennedy-esque: Frank Biden owes over $1 million to the family of man he killed in car wreck

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s brother owes over $1 million in compensation to the family of a young single father he killed in a car wreck over two decades ago.

VP Biden’s brother, Frank Biden, had reportedly been responsible for the death of Michael Albano in 1999, when Biden’s Jaguar struck him at over 80 MPH as he was crossing the street.

According to the Daily Mail, the posted speed limit was 35 MPH.

Albano’s daughters, Nicole and Lorraina have fought for compensation for several decades, as Biden was found at least partially responsible in the legal sense.

Interestingly enough, Biden wasn’t the driver. While accomplice Jason Turton was behind the wheel, Biden was allegedly heard saying “keep driving” and all parties in the vehicle had allegedly been drinking.

In the end, Biden left California, leaving a mountain of unpaid bills, court fees and judgements.

In 2008, the Albano family pleaded with Frank’s politician brother, but the Senate chief of staff claimed that Frank Biden had “no assets.”

As for being behind the wheel, Frank Biden has a long history of DUIs, and was seen earlier this month driving in Lake Worth, Florida, on a suspended license.

Albano’s family may be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, however- Biden’s wages have since been garnished through legal action, bringing long-awaited justice to his victims.

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