Texas court blocks mother from transitioning her 7-year-old son into a girl

The mother of the Texas boy attempting to “transition” her 7-year-old son into a girl has been blocked from doing so by the courts- but she’s also been given joint custody.

An initial ruling that would have allowed pediatrician Anne Georgulas to allow her son to undergo “gender transition” without the consent of his father was overturned by Dallas Judge Mary Brown, who ruled that both parents should have joint conservatorship on the matter.

The ruling was a moment of relief for father Jeff Younger, who felt his son, James Younger, was being coerced into the affair.

Georgulas frequently asserted that James was a little girl by the name of “Luna,” and should be permitted to wear dresses to school until he undergoes hormone replacement therapy. Initially, a previous ruling ensured Jeff Younger had no say in the matter.

The judge involved in the previous ruling, Kim Cooks, was later recused from the case. Following the recusal hearing, Judge Brown was assigned to handle the matter.

The new ruling, however, states that both parents must make joint medical decisions, as well as other factors of James’ life, to include haircuts and dental care.

On Wednesday, Judge Brown accepted the father’s motion to enter the order in accordance with Cooks’ ruling, and denied Georgulas’ motion to conform to the jury verdict.

According to The Texan, Stacy Dunlop, who had served as the amicus attorney in the case, has been assigned as the parenting coordinator, and will resolve disputes between Georgulas and Younger if they are unable to make joint decisions.

“If the parents cannot come to an agreement, they will make an appointment with Stacy Dunlop, the parenting coordinator, who will resolve the dispute by making a decision on behalf of the parents if they still disagree after discussing the disagreement,” Brown said.

Georgulas’ attorney has promised to appeal the ruling.

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