Texas man faces jail for refusing to pay $73,000 to ex-wife who was married to multiple men during their marriage

A Texas man may be headed to jail after he refused to pay $73,000 in court-ordered spousal support funds to a woman- who married him while still being legally married to someone else.

Mark Athans was unaware that Charity Lenee Parchem was married to several other men when he asked her to be his bride back in 2017.

After one of his sons did a little digging, however, it was revealed that Parchem was a criminal- and married to other men.

While the marriage was later deemed invalid under federal law, a female judge in his local county refused to consider the woman’s bigamy indictment as a valid reason and demanded that Athans pay the alimony.

Parchem was indicted by a grand jury and has since been freed on a $20,000 bond.

“I don’t understand,” Athans said. “I’m having to pay to hurt myself.”

The judge, Patrice McDonald, has ordered Athans to appear before her later in the month.

Now, Athans is afraid that McDonald will side with Parchem. If jailed, Athans will lose his job and his youngest son, an autistic child whose mother is deceased..

“I feel totally betrayed,” Athans told the Houston Chronicle. “I’m his only parent, his mother is deceased.”

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