Texas woman pulls handgun out of her bra, fatally shoots armed burglar

Joseph Green and Devin Reed went to a Fort Worth apartment on the night of Dec. 30 with the intent of stealing marijuana, police say.

The two forced their way into the apartment, and Green was armed with a BB handgun which looked like a real firearm, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.

A woman who was in the apartment and feared for her life pulled out a handgun from her bra, fired at Green and shot him to death, according to the warrant obtained by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram this week.

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Reed ran to the apartment bedroom, where he punched out glass on the windows and escaped, the warrant says.

The 19-year-old Reed, of Fort Worth, was arrested Sunday and booked into jail on a murder charge. He was released on Tuesday, but bond information was not available.

“He is being charged with felony murder as a co-actor in the offense that contributed to the death of Green,” Fort Worth police said in an email.

The woman who shot Green was not arrested.

“The person that shot Mr. Green and the details surrounding it will be presented to the DA’s office and I would assume that they will take it before a grand jury for review,” Fort Worth police said.

Police said they were not aware if the woman had a license to carry, but in this case, she would not need a license to carry in a private residence.

Reed told Fort Worth police that he was going to the apartment to buy 3.5 grams of weed, and that it wasn’t supposed to go down like that, according to the warrant.

Reed said he and Green did not have weapons.

Reed told police he walked into the apartment and everything was fine until the “occupants” jumped Green.

The warrant written by Fort Worth Detective KM Bickley provided these brief details on the shooting:

Weeks before the Dec. 30 shooting, Reed had been at the apartment in the 6900 block of North Beach Street multiple times playing “Call of Duty” with others.

A witness told police he kept marijuana in his bedroom and that Reed had seen where he kept it.

On the night of Dec. 30, Reed called a witness in the apartment and asked if he was going to play “Call of Duty.” The teen also asked if the witness’ family was going to be there.

Minutes later, Reed and Green knocked on the apartment door and a witness knew something was off because his close friends use a specific knock.

When the witness cracked the door to see who it was, Reed and Green forced their way in, according to the warrant. Reed headed straight for the apartment bedroom, while Green held everyone at bay with a black handgun.

That black handgun turned out to be a BB gun, Fort Worth police said.

At some point, the woman, who had been on a couch, pulled out her handgun and shot Green, according to the warrant. Witnesses then pinned Green down and got the BB gun away from him.

As witnesses were wrestling with Green and keeping him down, one witness heard glass breaking in his bedroom. Witnesses later discovered that Reed had used his fists to break the window and escape.


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