The Karen Mask: Convenience store employee films customer with hole cut in her mask

A woman at a Kentucky convenience store apparently has a hard time understanding how protective masks work, and quickly became an internet pariah.

Joe Samaan, a jaded user of the Chinese-made TikTok app who works at S J Food Mart near Lexington, has seen a lot of dumb things go on at his store.

However, when a woman walked in wearing a mask with the center cut out, he had to film it.

“Hi, can I put $10 on pump one, please?” the woman asked.

Samaan couldn’t hold back the questions.

“Where did you get this mask from?” he asked.

“Well, since we have to wear them and it’s hard to breathe, this [cutting it] makes breathing a lot easier, ”she said.

The video made its way to TikTok 3 days ago, and had been dubbed the “Karen Mask.”

As Samaan posts parody videos that frequently utilize other people, it is unknown if the woman’s mask was the real deal.

Previously, Samaan featured a video of his father vaping with an e-cigarette device wrapped in a Lysol label.

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