Trump caught on hot mic saying “Oh f***” before addressing the nation

President Donald J. Trump made a humorous “hot-mic” comment that was caught on video after he noticed a stain prior to his scheduled address to the nation.

C-SPAN was transmitting the footage at the time of the discovery, and President Trump’s candid response to the stain was broadcast for all the world to see.

“Oh, f**k…Uh oh, I got a pen mark,” he said. “Anybody, anybody have any white stuff?”

After delivering his remarks, President Trump waited for an off-camera voice to let him know the address was no longer being broadcast.

That is, except by C-SPAN.

Letting out a tired sigh, President Trump expressed his happiness that the address was over.

“O-kaaaaaay!” he said with a satisfied tone.

President Trump has applied a temporary travel ban to those who traveled from the EU’s Schengen border-free area in the last 14 days, but exempted travelers from the UK and Ireland.

The exemptions also apply to US citizens, American permanent residents, and their immediate family members. 

The memorable part of the speech was filmed and posted all over the internet.

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