Two young boys’ lemonade stand robbed at gunpoint for $30

Two suburban teenagers partaking in the great American tradition of opening a summer lemonade stand were robbed at gunpoint by two juvenile delinquents- and the local police stepped in to ensure the business would continue.

13-year-old Jude Peterson and his friend were operating the lemonade stand in Peoria’s East Bluff area on August 7 when their day was suddenly cut short.

In a video provided by a neighbor, two black teens can be seen approaching the stand, with one producing a firearm and snatching the cash box, which contained $30.

The two lads then went to Jude’s father, Nathan, to explain what had happened.

“I just almost blacked out a little bit, like I felt my body running up the stairs, but for just a moment, it was pretty intense,” said Peterson, describing his ascent from the family’s downstairs basement when he heard about what transpired.

In an epic move, police and local neighbors began buying lemonade for up to $20 a glass, even bringing more supplies to continue the business.

“One guy in particular, he came back like a half hour later and he had all these bags of chips and candy and everything…he’s like, ‘Hey you can sell this at your stand, and helped set it up,’” said Peterson. “So many people just stopped and said things to the boys like ‘don’t quit’, ‘don’t let this discourage you.’”

Police Chief Loren Marion immediately ensured the safe re-opening of the business, providing security in the form of an armored vehicle and more police officers than most calls could generate.

According to the Peoria Journal-Star, the money that was raised was far more than the amount stolen, and will be put to a good cause.

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