Uber driver’s video of rude, annoying passengers goes viral

YouTube video

A New Jersey Uber Driver released in-cabin video of the kind of people he has to deal with on a daily basis.

One recent group of passengers stood out from the rest, getting angry when they could not utilize the car’s Bluetooth, opening alcohol in the vehicle and even using a “weed pen.”

The driver, who had initially been pulled over prior to picking them up, was courteous to his passengers, but his kindness did not help his situation.

“After picking them up, things started to go downhill, specifically with the girl in the front,” he said. “She was very demanding and brought an open container in my car.”

The passengers, who were from Eatontown, New Jersey, not only disrespected the driver but also had no sense of respect for his personal space.

The female riding shotgun was incredibly rude, touching the driver and telling him to be quiet and barking other orders.

When the driver asked her not to touch her, the woman asked, “Oh my god, are you okay, are you religious?”

Finally, the driver noticed one of the rear passengers smoking a marijuana vape pen and decided he would take them back to the pick-up location.

According to the Daily Mail, the driver noted that his dash camera will protect him from any false claims the unruly passengers may make against him.

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