Ukraine allowing sponsors to pay for messages on artillery shells used against Russia

Source: Telegram

Support for the war in Ukraine has escalated beyond the ‘virtue-signaling’ profile picture frame- now you can send money to get a message of your choice scrawled on an artillery shell.

The offer, which comes through an account known as artillery_text on Telegram, allows you to have a personalized message written on a 152mm artillery shell, which is to be fired at the Russians [or, given the high rates of friendly fire and collateral damage, whoever happens to be in the way].

But hey- at the end of the day, artillery is a game of math, gravity, and chance. And that’s exactly how it is being marketed.

“You have a chance to kill orcs with your text on a 152 mm artillery shell that will be fired at Russian soldiers,” the message read on Telegram.

For a mere $40, you can have your part in the war commemorated with a message of your choice.

Photos will be provided, according to the message.

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