University police: Student who reported racist notes on car put them there himself

Image credit: Isaih Martin.

A Texas college student who reported racist notes left on his windshield is believed to have put them there himself, despite his insistence that he did not.

Isaih Marin, who attends Texas A&M, called police on June 24 and notified them of several papers on his windshield, with messages ranging from “All Lives Matter” to racial slurs.

The incident took place at an apartment complex, and security footage revealed Martin approaching his vehicle just before 1 PM.

“Martin immediately walks to the passenger side of his vehicle, but does not open any doors. Martin is seen toward the front of his vehicle,” local law enforcement reported. “A brief white speck is seen from about mid-torso of Martin moving toward his vehicle. Another white speck is seen near his chest area. Martin is then seen stepping back and onto the sidewalk in front of his vehicle, most likely taking photos and videos. He then approaches his vehicle again on the passenger side and remains there for a few moments. He is then seen walking around the front of his vehicle. Martin then enters the driver`s door and drives away a few moments later. The total time spent at his vehicle is 1 minute, 15 seconds.”

Police state that while other people had passed Martin’s vehicle, no one had actually stopped beside it.

“He was the only person with enough time to place the notes on his car,” said police.

KTBX reports that Martin claims he is innocent, and that the police have failed him.

“I am utterly disappointed,” said Martin on Thursday, in response to the conclusions of the police report. “There are several things they did not include in this report.”

Martin has since contacted an attorney and is no longer speaking with law enforcement.

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