Valedictorian’s graduation speech interrupted by dog who wandered into ceremony, peed on display

Valedictorian speeches can often be forgettable, but it’s likely to be some time before anyone forgets the speech that was delivered at Horseshoe Bend High School in New Site, Alabama on May 22.

Senior Colby Cheaney’s speech was interrupted by Charlie the dog, who wandered in to the graduation ceremony and proceeded to mark his territory by urinating on a fern placed beside the ceremonial display. Kristen McKelvey recorded this video and told Storyful that the dog is owned by a graduate called Logan, who is visible in the video covering his face with his hand.

McKelvey told Storyful that Cheaney carried on with his speech after Charlie had done his business. She said, “the valedictorian kept speaking until the incident happened and he kind of laughed and continued when Charlie walked away.”

Credit: Summer Films (Summer McKelvey) via Storyful