Video of “full-on looting street party” in NYC’s upscale SoHo goes viral right as de Blasio says it isn’t happening

Mayor Bill de Blasio has egg on his face after his downplaying of rioting in New York City was followed up by videos of a “looting party” in SoHo.

The footage, which was shared on social media, shows a mob numbering in the hundreds ravaging the streets, looting, twerking and dancing on cars as the crowds chanted in unison to the music.

The video was posted after de Blasio told CNN that everything was fine.

“I just want to correct one thing, if I may, that we had a really troubling situation last night in Midtown Manhattan and in one area in the Bronx,” the mayor said to CNN. “But we had no unrest, no looting in Brooklyn and Queens and Staten Island, and most of the Bronx and most of Manhattan, I really want to set that straight.”

Despite an 11 PM curfew on Monday, looters awoke to an 8 PM curfew the following day.

According to the New York Post, looters continued to wreck Manhattan on Tuesday night, though the extent of the pillaging seems to be decreasing as the days go on.

Still, the reality in the streets came off as very different from the mayor’s testimony.

“There’s a small anarchist group that’s been violent and there’s a small criminal element that’s been violent, but you’re talking about an infinitesimal percentage compared to the overwhelming majority of protesters who have been peaceful,” de Blasio claimed.

The situation is ongoing, with no clear end in sight.

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