Video surfaces of now Congresswoman Tlaib’s belligerent outburst, getting thrown out of Trump event

A US Congresswoman was reportedly dragged out of a 2016 meeting in Detroit after she began screaming at President Donald Trump.

The incident took place during a Detroit Economic Club meeting in the summer of 2016, when Rep. Rashida Tlaib -who would later be elected as US Representative for Michigan’s 13th district in 2019- began denouncing Trump.

President Trump was a candidate for the presidency at the time of the meeting, and was delivering a speech before business leaders when Tlaib began screaming at him, jumping and creating a scene.

According to Fox News, she was escorted out off the room to the jeers of the crowd.

“You guys are crazy!” Tlaib shrieked.

“You’re an animal,” one bystander said of her behavior. “Get a job!”

For those still not familiar with Tlaib, she is the US Congresswoman who, after being elected, vowed to impeach President Trump, whom she referred to as a “Motherf*cker.”

At the time of Tlaib’s outburst and subsequent removal, Trump maintained calm, joking that “The Bernie Sanders people had far more energy and spirit.”

Tlaib would later become part of “The Squad,” a group of progressive junior lawmakers who are known for pitching radical ideas and ruffling the feathers of both establishment parties.

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