Vietnam veteran dies after being beaten during a carjacking in Chicago

Marine Vietnam War veteran Keith Cooper (Family Photo)

A man who survived the horrors of the Vietnam War is reported to have died during an attempted carjacking in a more domestic warzone- the Windy City.

Keith Cooper, who was just a few days away from turning 74, survived two tours in ‘Nam, only to to be attacked by his own countrymen in broad daylight while running errands in his Chicago neighborhood.

The incident took place on Wendesday afternoon, when Cooper was confronted by two men who demanded he surrender his vehicle.

When Cooper didn’t immediately comply, he was savagely beaten until he succumbed to a heart attack.

“Tried to steal his car. You didn’t even get his car when you took his life,” said Cooper’s son-in-law, Curtis Carlton. “It was two guys preying on a senior citizen.”

Police tell WJHG that two men have been taken into custody for questioning, due to so many witnesses bravely stepping forward, many of whom may have been part of the group who attempted to repel the attackers.

“He was like a bonus dad. He was my father-in-law, but he was like a dad,” Curtis Carlton said. “He was the best. Keith was the best.”

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