Viral Miami Spring Break “Trump supporter” knockout turns out to be fake

An account of a fight between two men over a woman in Miami has gone viral on social media- and it’s completely fake.

The Facebook post, which was allegedly authored by an individual going by “Jigg Johnson,” told the story of a disrespectful man getting his comeuppance after noticing an attractive girl at the beach who happened to be with someone else.

When confronted by the girl (who was black) and told that she had a boyfriend, Johnson (who is black) allegedly looked in the boyfriend’s direction and remarked that the man (who is white) was out of place at a beach which was predominantly occupied by other people of color.

“She points at the only one in the crowd who could’ve voted for Trump,” Johnson wrote.

Johnson shrugged off the notion that the girl could be dating a white man -who he nicknamed “Tanner,” though his name was actually Marcus- and continued to impose himself upon her, until the boyfriend came up and told him to stop.

Johnson decided he would fight Marcus, citing rather racist reasons for his decision.

“He a white boy,” he wrote. “She needs a black king.”

Eventually, Johnson referred to Marcus by a racial slur and got knocked out cold, which would later change his tune.

“Interracial dating is a beautiful thing,” he said. “If you see a white boy with the baddest bi**h at the function, just mind your business.”

That’s a great story and all, except the part about it being untrue. Heck, it didn’t even happen in the same year or in the same part of Florida.

The still image of the individual being knocked out came from a 2015 video titled “Spring Break Panama Beach Knockout,” and given the low viewer count of 35,261 views and the fact that it was posted by someone with only 217 subscribers (who has a penchant for reposting viral videos), it is possible that it has existed for much longer, but was reposted.

Either way, it is a sweet knock out.

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