“Wake up, motherf___er!” Portland activists swarm sleepy neighborhood, harass residents

Already hard-pressed to continue sympathizing with left-leaning rioters and Black Lives Matter protesters, local Portland residents are now being kept awake at night by high-powered lights and chants to wake up.

Video of the spectacle, shared by Andy Ngo and recorded by Brendan Gutenschwager, shows BLM protesters marching through Portland-area suburbs last night, chanting on bullhorns and shining lights into the windows of residences.

“Wake up, mother f—ker wake up!” the crowd chanted.

Gutenschwager painted a rosier picture of the scene, contrary to the events taking place.

“The Portland protesters shine lights into houses in the neighborhood, calling on everyone to come out and march with them as they make their way back towards Keaton Park,” he wrote on Twitter.

From the video, the mob looked to be at least a hundred-strong.

On social media, people were overwhelmingly critical of the activists, with many putting themselves in the collective shoes of the homeowners.

“What would children feel, especially little ones, to hear these hysterical voices just outside?” @wellydog asked. “I have nothing but contempt for these people.”

Others criticized local government officials for not doing their jobs in quelling the riots.
“As sad as this is for the families in those homes, there’s a lot of truth in the saying, ‘you get the government you deserve,’” netizen Andy wrote. “If they’re stupid enough to vote for the authorities that have abandoned them, they deserve them.”

“I miss the old days when it was against the law to break the law,” replied @PonderinStuff.

User @MackayAlvin was a little more tongue in cheek with his proposal, pulling inspiration from a popular children’s game.

“In Minecraft, a few well placed shots on the leaders will cause the rest of them to disperse,” he wrote.

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