Watchmaker launches ad campaign supporting law enforcement

A luxury watchmaker released an ad providing support to law enforcement in a time where support seems hard to find- and the CEO doesn’t care what anyone has to think about it.

Ilan Srulovicz of Egard Watches appeared to be proud of his company’s ad, which showed police from around the world performing acts of heroism, compassion, and community outreach.

Ranging from saving a dog to providing medical attention to an infant, the poignant tone of the video will no doubt sit uneasy with some activists, who have strong armed companies and corporations into adopting anti-law enforcement stances.

“We’re allowing extreme narratives to become the norm because the media perpetuates them and we become so scared to speak up,” Srulovicz told Fox And Friends, adding that “it goes unchallenged by the masses.” 

The CEO noted that the future appears grim if Americans continue their self-destructive course.

“I really feel like our country itself is at a breaking point and we are going to lose a lot of things we hold dear, especially the police and so I felt the need to speak up for them at this time,” he said.

Srulovicz stressed that while police who violate civil rights should be denounced, dismantling and defunding the police was not the appropriate response to an injustice.

The watchmaker knows that by taking a pro-police stance, he risks more than his business.

“I’ll be honest with you, I’m scared of backlash in the sense of I’m scared of some degree of potential physical harm or something along those lines,” he said. “But I can’t hold myself back from speaking the truth. I can’t be censored because of fear of backlash. I have to face it. We all have to face it because that’s how they win. They win by silencing.” 

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