Wedding party attempting to take ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ photo gets very awkward result

A bizzare “Handmaid’s Tale”-themed bridal photo is getting criticism online, and is now a global media issue that will no doubt require some explaining.

Image credit: Reddit.

The image was circulated among Reddit, where it drew criticism for depicting five women in red dresses kneeling in front of a row of smiling groomsmen.

Some pointed out that the women appeared to be preparing to give oral sex to the groomsmen, while others simply noted the similarities to the TV show.

“Definitely wouldn’t be part of this weird Handmaid’s Tale-inspired shoot,” one user wrote.

“As a photographer, I would refuse to take the photo. No way is my name going on something this trashy. Get Aunt Karen to take it,” another user noted. “She’s been shadowing all of my shots anyway!”

According to the Daily Mail, others critiqued the men and their poor choice in tailoring.

“I’ve never seen so many baggy, ill-fitted suits, all in one picture… in my life,” a user commented.

“Maybe the women are adjusting the leg length on these appalling fit suits,” read another comment. “These guys obviously didn’t visit a tailor.”

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