West Virginia’s Democratic senator blocks Joe Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ bill

Nolan Finley

The Detroit News

Three cheers for Joe Manchin.

West Virginia’s Democratic senator put a stop to his party’s ambitions to set America on an irreversible course to socialism by declaring Sunday he will vote “no” on President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better bill.

The bill, with a 10-year cost of up to $5 trillion, $3 trillion of it deficit spending according to the Congressional Budget Office, would have bankrupted the country.

Manchin cited concerns about the amount of debt and deficit it entailed, its impact on inflation and its assault on the fossil fuel industry his state depends on .

The White House issued a snitty statement declaring Manchin went back on his word to the president to negotiate an agreement. But remember, Biden promised the bill would be “free” because it didn’t add to the deficit.

When that turned out to be a lie, Manchin was off the hook. It didn’t hurt that a majority of his conservative state opposed the bill and have a very poor view of Biden.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, the socialist sponsor of the bill, accused Manchin of betraying his constituents.

Manchin knows his people better than Sanders does, I’d say. Watch for a column

Not really your kids

Your kids don’t really belong to you in the view of the far left — they’re just allowing you to raise them, until you run afoul of liberal ideology. A California couple is suing two teachers for actively encouraging their daughter’s gender transition without consulting them. The teachers placed the girl in the LGBTQ club and even changed her pronouns on her official records without telling the parents. And when the couple objected to the unauthorized indoctrination, the school reported them to child protective services. Don’t know whether the teachers got toasters.

Polis making waves

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, a Democrat, is getting attention for declaring the COVID-19 emergency over now that vaccines and boosters are widely available. From here on out, the governor says, individuals are responsible for protecting themselves and shouldn’t expect the state to restrict freedoms to shield the unvaccinated from the virus. Why aren’t Democrats looking at him to replace Biden on the ’24 ticket.


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