White woman in a gorilla mask throws egg at Larry Elder, then punches staff member in chaotic scene

Editor’s Note: Warning, there is graphic language in the video below.

The man who may soon lead California was attacked by a woman in a gorilla mask, raising questions as to whether or not the move was racially motivated.

California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder was touring one of Los Angeles’ many homeless camps when a woman dressed in black and wearing a gorilla mask launched an egg at the black conservative radio show host.

Elder’s security team quickly swept in, snatching the woman up before she could attempt any further harm.

“Take your hands off me, motherf—er! Touch me again! Touch me again,” the woman shouted.

The Elder team then left in a white SUV, according to FOX News.

While the egg missed Elder, he and his security team reported being attacked with pellet guns and other projectiles.

Many of Elder’s supporters and allies were upset by the incident, claiming a clear case of racial predjudice.

“A blatant racist wearing a gorilla mask attacked @larryelder these people are completely unhinged,” former Republican candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates, Jeffrey A. Dove Jr., tweeted.

Twitter group UnrigLA was channeling a famous former governor when they wrote:

“Huge missed opportunity for Elder.

As we’ve seen before, how a recall candidate handles an egg being thrown at them can make or break a campaign.

‘Well this guy owes me bacon now…I mean you can’t just have eggs without bacon.’”

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