Woman arrested after offering strangers lap dances, asking cops to “bang” her on curb

A woman in Florida was arrested after she began drunkenly harassing the citizenry- and eventually asked police if they wanted to “bang” her on the curb.

Olivia Taylor-Washek, a 28-year-old, was brought up on charges following her arrest on Saturday night in St. Petersburg.

According to the police report, obtained by The Smoking Gun, the woman was drunkenly offering lap dances outside of a bar.

When police and EMS arrived, the intoxicated Olivia then became unruly in the most bizarre way possible, threatening paramedics with violence if they tried to help her.

When officers attempted to de-escalate the situation and walk her to her apartment, she asked the lawmen if they wanted to “bang” on the sidewalk- only to later ask if they were going to shoot her.

Taylor-Washek was charged with disorderly intoxication, a rather generous charge considering she communicated threats to first responders.

Now out on her own recognizance, she is currently competing with other women to be on the cover of Maxim magazine.

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