Woman arrested for trespassing a 3rd time at CIA headquarters, asking for “Agent Penis”

Image credit: Central Intelligence Agency.

A North Carolina woman was arrested after she repeatedly went to the CIA’s Virginia headquarters on multiple occasions, requesting to speak with “Agent Penis.”

Jennifer G. Hernandez travelled to Langley on four separate occasions, requesting the mysterious agent (that doesn’t exist).

“The defendant explained to the officer that she had applied for employment at the CIA, and that her recruiter directed her to come to the Agency,” CIA Officer Mirko Pena said in a complaint.

According to WTOP, Hernandez was sent away on multiple occasions but chose to return the following days.

On the last attempt, she requested to speak to “Agent Penis,” and was told to leave. When she announced she would leave by bus, Hernandez was escorted to the bus stop but told agents she was not planning to leave.

Refusing to board the bus, Hernandez was arrested and charged with trespassing at an agency installation without authorization

Hernandez was released by US Magistrate Judge Ivan Davis, under the conditions that she attend mental health evaluations and stay away from CIA buildings and property.

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