Woman attempts to defend drying her thong with vents while on the flight to adult expo

Source: Instagram/@itsvvsdiamond

An e-girl committed a disgusting act aboard an airliner, removing her underwear and airing it out with the overhead fans.

Shenyece “Vvs” Diamond, who meets the modern definition of “model” [i.e., she has a social media and OnlyFans following] was flying back from Chicago to South Florida via a Southwest Airlines flight, having recently attended the Exxotica adult expo.

The woman utilized the overhead fan to dry her underwear, which had become soaked in alcohol for some reason.

“It was early in the morning, I was super drunk after partying with friends the night before and having a few strong mimosas in the airport before the flight,” Shenyece said.

“I was wearing the panties under a skirt, and I spilled liquor on my skirt and it soaked down to my underwear. So, I took them off and I held them up to the fan to dry. I just figured, ‘Why not?’”

Needless to say, passengers were shocked.

“The couple next to me asked, ‘Are you okay?,’ and I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m great!,’” she cackled. “I need to be myself. I’m a very open person, and I don’t have much of a filter. I’m naturally goofy and I love to make people laugh. And there were people laughing on the airplane. It was perfect.”

According to the New York Post, Diamond was denounced on social media for having “zero respect” for others.

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