Woman caught on camera yelling racial slurs, spitting on, and hitting hotel employee who wouldn’t give her a room key without ID

A woman demanding a hotel room key at a New York hotel began reiviling the receptionist with racially-charged obscenities- and the incident was caught on tape.

Michelle Rajacic reportedly asked City Club Hotel employee Linda Shell for a room key on April 6, and became irate when Shell asked for ID.

In short order, Rajacic began referring to Shell as a “n**er ” and a “dirty f**king hood rat,” along with other offensive and uncalled-for phrases.

Rajacic also spit on and attacked Shell, striking her in the face with a cellular device.

“After, she kept spitting. I was getting more upset, because that is the lowest thing you can do to someone. I said, ‘OK, ma’am, it’s time for you to go,’” Shell said. “I grabbed her arm and started leading her to the front desk. She then broke her cellphone across my face.”

According to the New York Post, Rajacic was later convicted of third-degree assault.

The real injury, however, was when Rajacic was given a free room by the hotel after she got out of jail, which prompted Shell to quit in disgust.

In the end, Shell has sued for unspecified damages.

City Club Hotel general manager Joshua Barbee denied knowing about the lawsuit.

“This is the first we are learning of this litigation,” he said. “The claims being made regarding the hotel are completely incorrect. With that said, since this is pending litigation, we will have no further comment.”

A Georgia native, Shell noted that she never experienced any racism of this magnitude in the South, despite also claiming that she had moved up North to escape discrimination.

“When it comes to anything racial, you have a better chance of it happening down south than up north. I never in my life thought I would have to experience that up here. That’s why I moved here.”

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