Woman claims an angel told her to get into adult entertainment, making her an OnlyFans millionaire

Source: Instagram

An e-girl claims that a divine entity told her to partake in selling her body for profit, leaning to a career on OnlyFans.

Canadian-born Alice Irving claims an angel visited her and told her to appeal to lonely and desperate men on the internet.

“I was really worried about that but this angel came to visit me, well in my dream,” Irving said. “She was telling me: ‘I know the world will tell you this is the wrong decision, but you’re on the right path’.”

Irving, who also claimed in the past that she is a witch, told the Daily Star that she is often asked to interpret dreams.

The woman also claimed she foresaw her father’s murder before it actually took place.

As for the adult industry, it wasn’t the first career choice on the list.

“I was a student and decided to stop what I was doing and go full time in the adult industry,” she said. “I was doubtful about it because I was a good student but I felt that my call was to go into the adult industry and I did – and I don’t regret anything.”

Despite her eccentricity, Irving is doing quite well and is clearing six figures a year.

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