Woman claims flight attendant is invoking privilege when asked to stop blocking aisle

A heated exchange took place between a flight attendant and a passenger aboard a commercial flight, with the latter claiming the flight attendant was invoking “white privilege.”

What initially caused the dispute is not known.

At some point, the flight attendant requested the woman, who was blocking an aisle, please clear the aisle so that she could move past.

“She want me to go to jail, y’all see how she antagonizing me?” the woman snapped back.

The woman, who claimed the flight attendant was being “aggressive” with her, claimed she was standing in place in order to wait for the lavatory to be unoccupied.

“All I’m trying to do is use the bathroom,” the woman shouted over the flight attendant, who was attempting to explain how she needed to get past her.

At one point, one passenger grew weary of the loud dispute taking place less than arm’s length away, and said something to the woman, enraging her.

“I’m not a child,” she said angrily. “I’m grown.”

The woman then closed distance with the passenger.

“Are you my boss?” she asked, putting her finger uncomfortably close to the passenger’s face. “You are white privilege, you are not my boss. Sit down.”

The woman then began going into hysterics, telling everyone around her that they were not her bosses.

“You’re white privilege, sit down!” she shouted. “Sit down.”

The woman told the attendant that the year was 2020, and that white privilege was over with.

“Yes it is,” the attendant said, simply wanting to get by.

“I’m a queen,” she said. “California.”

Eventually, the flight attendant gets by, and the woman encourages her to notify the authorities of the incident.

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