Woman climbs over counter at KFC, threatens to stab employees over being told to wear a mask

A woman at a California KFC franchise created quite a scene when she got upset about a mask policy.

The woman, who was filmed by other individuals in the Fresno fast food joint, reportedly became angry because the staff refused to serve her.

In what seems to be yet another case of how personal people often take the mask issue, the woman began angrily screaming at the staff and even jumped on the counter.

“Gimme something to f—ing eat! I’m hungry!” she said.

“I can’t,” another employee tells her. “I’ll get fired.”

At one point, she tells a KFC employee that he doesn’t work there, despite being in uniform.

The woman also taunted the employees into calling the police, threatening to stab them.

According to Fox News, the woman eventually left the establishment and has not been tracked down by authorities.

It is unknown why mask mandates were being enforced where people consume food, but California is known for taking laws too far.

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