Woman criticized for staging viral video of elephant nearly pulling off her bikini top

An Instagram ‘model’ with 2.2 million followers is getting a lot of attention for a stunt video she made utilizing 9,000 African elephant as a prop.

Dressed in a very skimpy bikini at a safari park in South Carolina, Francia James asks the man filming her to “take a picture” as she playfully pretends to keep the elephant’s trunk away from her enhanced assets.

Unsurprisingly, she is unsuccessful and practically pulls her own top off as she backs away from the curious behemoth.

Naturally, the video went viral, but not with everyone claiming how lucky the elephant was.

Though several joked that the massive mammal would be facing a lawsuit in 30-years, some took the incident a little more seriously, criticizing Jones and wondering why she would use the nearly endangered animal to ‘promote her body.’

Others criticized the video for being a ‘stunt’ and ‘fake’

It seems her stunt, along with her other semi-nude social media posts are simply set up to get people to sign up for paid subscriptions to her onlyfans.com page.