Woman doused with unknown liquid, wrapped in police tape and harassed for defending police station in Portland

An elderly woman was viciously attacked and doused in an unknown white fluid by Antifa members in Portland on Thursday- another documented case of the not-so-tolerant rioters that have taken over the social justice protests.

The woman, who was quickly surrounded and accosted, appeared brave in the face of imposing individuals who closed distance with her and doused her in the fluid.

After attacking her, the mob demanded she wear a mask.

“Put your mask on, bit*h!,” one woman screamed.

“Put your mask on, Put your mask on,” the crowd chanted in response.

The woman, who appears to be in her fifties or sixties, was attempting to stop rioters from vandalizing the Portland Police Department’s East Precinct building.

The video was shared by Andy Ngo, an independent journalist who has covered Antifa actions over the years- often finding himself a target for doing so.

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