Woman goes crazy in Michigan Burger King because there were tomatoes on her food

A Michigan woman is facing charges after attacking a Burger King employee- over the tomato content on her burger.

Porsha Tyler walked into the Harper Woods Burger King on January 27, demanding a refund for a burger she had bought the day before.

According to MYNBC5, Tyler had purchased the burger with the expectation that there would be no tomatoes. Alas, there were tomatoes.

“The clerk was more than kind to her and offered her a refund of food,” said Livonia PD Capt. Ron Taig. “Porsha wasn’t having that. She obviously didn’t get it her way that day and she went on a tirade.”

Store credit wasn’t good enough, it seems, and Tyler began assaulting the cashier with a cookie rack and wet floor sign.

Tyler was charged with obstruction, malicious damage to property, disorderly conduct and assault and battery.

“We want people to know this isn’t acceptable behavior,” said Taig. “Whether it’s a restaurant or road rage, incidents like this can spill into so much more.”

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