Woman in Arizona gets smacked after telling shopper to go back to Mexico and pushing her

A viral video posted to social media shows a woman in Arizona being struck for insulting a Native American, urging her to “Go back to Mexico.”

The incident took place at a Phoenix Shell station, when a woman stormed past fellow customer Greg Conn to complain about a non-working gas pump.

After the “Karen” began arguing with the attendant behind the counter, she suddenly told a fellow customer to go back to her own country.

A tense verbal exchange between the well-endowed female customer and the “Karen” ensued, resulting in the “Karen” telling that woman to “go back to Mexico.”

The customer -who is reportedly Native American- took offense and began unfurling a litany of ferocious names.

The “Karen” shoved the young woman, prompting the Native girl to slap the “Karen” in the face.

“You deserved it, in my opinion,” Conn said while still recording the incident. “Self-defense on her part.”

The video was obtained by the New York Post, and the “Karen” is now banned from every Shell station in America.

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