Woman in fight with city and her neighbors over emotional support monkeys

A Missouri woman with three emotional support monkeys claims that the primates keep her sane, but neighbors are voicing their concerns over whether or not the animals are safe.

Creve Coeur resident Texanne McBride-Teahan utilizes three monkeys as registered emotional support animals to assist her with her PTSD from a traumatic incident that happened in her past.

Now, neighbors are complaining that the monkeys pose a potential health hazard.

“It’s a wild animal. They belong in zoos, you know, or in their natural habitat,” said Jim Hentschell, who lives next door to McBride-Teahan. “I believe in the rule of law. If they are considered a dangerous animal and can carry something as nasty as hepatitis, they shouldn’t be here.”

According to WTAP, McBride-Teahan and her doctor are defending her emotional support animals.

“They are not dangerous animals,” she said. “They are trained. They assist me. I have PTSD because of something that happened to me, a very bad thing that happened to me a long time ago.”

Neighbors took the matter to the city, who then cited the primate owner, as the creatures are considered  “inherently dangerous animals” -alongside lions, alligators and pythons- that are not allowed in residential areas.

The case will go to court in November, where a judge will determine what actions to take.

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