Woman in Florida appears to have an episode in traffic, gets on car and taunts officers

A young woman in Florida’s Brevard County had a bizarre breakdown in the middle of traffic- and the entire incident is caught on film.

The video, which was leaked to both reddit and 4chan, shows a blonde woman screaming at two people from atop a vehicle, allegedly convinced they were her parents.

The incident took place in the city of Melbourne, near an intersection adjacent to a motel.

The couple, who later told Brevard County deputies that they were not related to the young woman, relayed that she had emerged from a motel in a state of undress, and had been in an altercation with two older men.

As deputies approached, the young woman stripped completely and began performing acts of self-gratification atop the SUV, prompting several vehicles to slow down.

Bewildered deputies attempted to coax the woman down from the vehicle without physically touching her, but not before she urinated on the windshield.

Eventually, a female deputy arrived and the lawmen were allowed to go “hands on,” getting the woman down from the vehicle.

While deputies detained her, she committed battery against a deputy and claimed she could not breathe.

It is unknown when the video was initially filmed -the most recent postings are from 24 September- and it is presumed that the young woman was taken in for medical and psychiatric hold.

Many viewers believed the woman to be having a psychotic episode, while others believe she may have been under the influence of drugs.

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