Woman mauled by jaguar while trying to take selfie criticizes zoo

An American woman who was mauled by a jaguar at an Arizona zoo in an attempt to lean over the rail for a better selfie has come out to speak of the ordeal- and criticize the zoo for not being secure enough.

The woman, identified as Leanne, claimed she just wanted to “get some good pictures.”

In an interview with CBS News, Leanne claimed that she was not “climbing over” the rail, but simply leaning in for a better photo- something she knows others have done.

“Anybody can reach out. I’m not the first, and if they don’t move the fence, I’m probably not going to be the last,” Leanne said.

Interestingly enough, previous individuals have been injured trying to “lean” over the rails. Despite this, the Wildland World Zoo insists that if people respected boundaries, there would be at least two incidents that wouldn’t have happened.

“When people do not respect the barriers, there’s always a chance that there might be a problem,” said zoo director Mickey Olson.

The big cat has since been removed from the exhibit- for now.

Meanwhile, Leanne hopes that she’s gotten the raw end of the deal in the public eye.

“I never expected this. I feel like we’re all human, we make mistakes and I learned my lesson,” she said.

It is unknown whether or not she got the selfie she truly wanted.

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