Woman rams motorcyclist with her car, posts video and brags about it

An Oklahoma woman is now potentially facing charges after she rear-ended a motorcycle in Tulsa.

The woman, who posted a video of her road rage incident to social media, is now slated to be charged with assault with a deadly weapon after she shunted a motorcycle with her vehicle.

The woman was apparently outraged that motorcyclist Patrick Devlin told her to get off her phone, as she was swerving all over the road.

“When it hit me I was in shock! That’s why I was like what? That’s why I was like ‘call the police’ because I was freaked out,” recounted Devlin.

According to WKRG, Devilin believes she rammed him on purpose- and the video only adds to this theory.

Tulsa PD are now seeking to charge the woman and are waiting on an answer from the DA.

“It’s a two-ton piece of equipment that can be used as a weapon, like a gun, knife, baseball bat, pipe. If you use your vehicle intentionally to hurt someone or property, you are using it as a weapon,” said TPD Sergeant Brian Collum. “Obviously she’s not taking it very seriously if she is bragging about it on Facebook. I understand there are a lot of people out there upset after watching the video and understandably so.”

The woman in question told WKRG that it was a “fender bender” and that she felt she was being unfairly harassed.

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