Woman throws groceries across store after being told to wear a mask

A young woman in Texas had an outburst over wearing a mask, tossing her groceries onto the floor of a Oak Cliff-area Fiesta Mart.

The employees and local patrons of the store were dumbfounded, with some urging clerks to call the police due to the woman’s violent behavior.

The incident took place within Dallas Police jurisdiction and was over the woman’s unwillingness to keep her mask on after a manager cited local requirements.

NBCDFW reported that the masks were part of a policy that Fiesta Mart put out to attempt to curb the spread of coronavirus.

While the evidence and guidance on masks is often conflicting and varied, common courtesy is not, and the woman’s behavior was enough to warrant police attention.

However, the woman “fled” before police could arrive, and employees were forced to pick up after her.

Gary Huddleston of the Texas Retailers Association explained why the mask rule has been so promoted by establishments.

“The retailer can be held, in some cases, liable for not having customers wear face-covering then it’s become more important that the employee at the door, when they’re greeting customers convince them to wear face coverings if they don’t have one on,” he said.

Most customers have reportedly gone along with the requests.

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